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- Créé le 08/07/2022
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BoostCasting - Native English Speaking Actors for Drama Workshop Facilitator
ARTED NET is an international network & educational initiative. Our work spans education, theatre and cultural management. In France, we collaborate with THEATRE DU HERON (based in Nates). We are searching for a professional actor (female or male) to facilitate our specific drama workshops in public schools in France. Workshops will take place in all regions so we hope to find several actors to be employed during the next season. INTERMITTENCE POSSIBLE. Workshops will be organized in: ecoles primaires, collèges and lycées Main job duty - facilitating drama workshops (learning English language through drama) Please note: preparation for the Grand Oral in English is one of the favorite topics for high school teachers. We expect the actor to be able to work with young students and empower their confidence in speaking in English. REQUIREMENTS: * Native-level knowledge of English language; * Fluent in French language (for primary schools workshops only); * Have a performing arts degree (preferably in Acting, Directing or any other Drama degree); * Have experience in facilitating workshops or teaching; * Live and work in France; * Have some basic knowledge about American and British classical literature: W. Shakespeare\'s plays or novels by C. Dickens, O. Wilde, M. Twain; * Know how to improvise in a busy environment. DESIRABLE: * Be flexible and autonomous; * Keen to adapt to different situations; * Driver\'s licence; * Have a car. DATES: School year 22-23 SALARY: €25/hour (netto) - negotiable Transportation and accommodation is covered by the company. CONTRACT is issued and signed by French theatre company (LE THEATRE DU HERON). Workshops are created in collaboration with the artistic director of THEATRE DU HERON - who will be available to discuss content and development with actors chosen for the position.
Date limite de candidature : 31/08/2022
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